Deploying Django application on Openshift online for free

Recently Heroku has changed their terms that every free application should be inactive for 6 hours a day. This will not work out if we are going to depend on heroku to host a application which we run without any break. Luckily I came to know about Openshift in one of my recent projects and checked their pricing. I was surpised to see that they are also offering some free plans.

Deploying Django application on Heroku

All the web developers would like to see their application hosted somewhere in the web where everybody can access it. When I tried to do the same for my django application, there was no free or cheap option to do that. And I didn't wish pay just for testing my application in a live environment. I tried many services like Alwaysdata, Google App Engine and Heroku. But all of them confused me in the beginning and have their own limitations.